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About Emmeline....

Emmeline is a Fully Qualified Homeopath with over 15 years experience as a Classical Homeopath. My goal is to help and guide you to thrive on your journey to a healthier, happier, more vibrant you.  Emmeline enjoys treating everyone of all ages, with a special interest in fertility, pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Emmeline has an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy, is a professional member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) & is a registered practitioner with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH).  Emmeline practices Classical Homeopathy & uses Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) as a clinical diagnostic tool.  

Like most Homeopaths, Emmeline discovered Homeopathy by receiving Homeopathic treatment herself & was amazed how a natural medicine could heal so gently with long lasting effects.  Emmeline’s journey with Homeopathy has been re-confirmed as one of the greatest things in her life time and again; not only in clinical practice but with the treatment of herself through pregnancy & childbirth and with her own children. 

Emmeline is passionate about Homeopathy because it works! Emmeline gets great joy & inspiration from the results Homeopathic treatment offers her patients in the clinic but also loves how empowering a Homeopathic Home Remedy Kit can be for acute health problems.  Particularly for Parents & their children when acute illness or injury strike at any time of the day or night!  Emmeline is happy to help patients customise their own home remedy kits & help guide them in their use.

Emmeline Devlin

Adv. Dip Hom, AROH, AHA

The most wonderful example of Homeopathic First Aid (used regularly with my family) is Homeopathic Arnica used after a fall, bump, or accident/injury.  Not only does Homeopathic Arnica reduce the bruising and/or swelling & fast forward healing but, in the case of an upset child, helps calm them quickly. 

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